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Hey. I'm Hannah, owner, designer and maker at Verbose Design. 

So what's in the name? Verbose means wordy, long winded. And that's really apt - because this jewellery has a lot to say. 

I make jewellery that is full of hidden meanings and messages. And I make it for the beautiful brilliant souls who appreciate individuality and difference. These women are vibrant and vivacious at their core, and they want a way to express this day to day, to ensure it doesn't become forgotten. It's for the women who want to embrace all that they are. For the ones who know deep down that they are rare, precious, wonderful. And who in spite of this, still sometimes struggle to forgive themselves their imperfect human nature. For the ones who are outwardly confident - and yet have some niggling doubt about a certain part of themselves that they feel they really ought to work on. 

I make my jewellery by hand and I make it for these women, because I am them, I am you. When I first started jewellery making, it was during a really rough time in life. I found out then how powerful it can be to carry a symbol in silver with you throughout your day. One that whispers encouragement to you, reminds you of your strength. Slowly this idea emerged into a business, and here I am today.

So hey, I'm Hannah. I'm a one-woman band with a passion for making beautiful talismanic jewellery. And I"m on a mission to start a revolution of self-compassion and self-confidence through jewellery. I'd love it if you'd join me.